The Multiverse and us.

i read an interesting article about multiverse and how different things could happen to us at the same timeline with the same constant. If you are an addict novelist reader, you should know what a multiverse is. If you dont, I can give you the essence of it. it comprises of everything that exist and can exist ( a lot of parallel universe per se ). 

if you still cant figure that out, there’s always a wikipedia. youre welcome. 

so this is my version of it;

try reading this while listening to Lykke Li - No one ever loved. 

imagine the multiverse is real.

Well then, maybe somewhere in those infinite universes is one, or several, where we are together. Maybe I’m not just your “friend”.  maybe we’re about to get married. And maybe, we say “I love you” before we hang up the phone.

Maybe in one of these parallel universes, we’ve been married for years. we have a son and a daughter, they’re both adorable just like us. maybe i cook dinner for us every night because i love cooking. Maybe we have a very large portrait of us in our bedroom.  maybe we’ll together read books with your favorite songs playing and a kiss on the forehead every night before we head to sleep. Maybe that’s us.

Maybe in another universe, we’re still friends, I’m working far from where you live and I see you twice a year when I visit your state. Maybe you aimlessly date.  You haven’t found the “one”.  You’re discontent.  Maybe I am, too.  But I don’t admit it.  Maybe I call you when I get off my car.  Or maybe every early morning i will lay on bed and we Skype.  We laugh.  We never flirt.  We’re friends.  We’re honest to each other.  Listen to frustrations.  Give advice. I wish im working somewhere near you.  But I know it would never make a difference where I was.  We’d still be the same. Hey, maybe that’s really us.

Maybe, we’re so close, our friends think we’re great together.  But we realize we’re better apart.  And maybe we break up, maybe we stay friends, and maybe we attend one another’s weddings.  Or maybe we just pretend we are acquaintances.  And that’s ok.  Because we aren’t co-dependent.  We don’t talk every day.  We don’t ever admit that we miss each other. Sure, we remember the past…but we don’t live in it.  And maybe that’s cool, because it’s healthy.  Maybe, that could be us.

Maybe we’re both still friends. i love you. i do nice things to you. i tolerate your insanity in every way. we go to events together. we buy gifts to each other. Maybe you are undecided about me. You’re afraid you could get heartbroken again. and you’re not sure if im the type of guy you want to spend the rest of your life with. I begin to think i really dont deserve you. i break up with you. I never really recover. Although im relieved to be single, to be on the search for someone else. Someone who’ll roughen me up a little.  And maybe she and I won’t have as many things in common; maybe she won’t know my heart like you do. Maybe she and I will never talk like you and I did.  But maybe that’s what I need.  And so I break your heart.  Maybe that’s me (and you).

Or maybe we’re old.  And we have five grandchildren. We sit on our swing and have cuppa coffee in the mornings. I enjoy playing with the grandkids.You read murakami’s novel. We wear walking shoes and go to farmers’ markets.We’ve had a happy life. We never run out of things to say to each otherYou’re my best friend and I’m yours.  I put my head on your shoulder as we watch the sunset together.  Though you hold my wrinkled hand, it’s still beautiful to you because you’ve held it for 50 years.  And there’s nothing more that we could ever want.  The thought that one of us could ever live in this universe without the other is unimaginable. That’s us.

Maybe in another universe, you really loved me the way I wished you would.  Just not in this one.

was an honest man. 




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